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Actian Analytics Platform - Unlock the maximum

value from Hadoop with Actian Vortex

Unlock the value of Hadoop with the highest performing, most industrialized SQL Analytics in Hadoop. Actian Vortex gives you an unmatched set of capabilities for realizing business value from Hadoop. Best in class data preparation and the broadest analytics support Elastic Data Preparation – Bring in all of your data quickly with the fastest analytic engines, data ingestion technology and KNIME user interface SQL Analytics – Unleash your SQL skills, applications and tools onto Hadoop with fully industrialized SQL support Predictive Analytics – Uncover trends and patterns with hyper-parallelized Hadoop analytic operators powered by KNIME Organizations using Hadoop as a data source for Vectorwise can now take advantage of the high-performance parallel Hadoop Connector. OPEN: Openness is not just a fad. It’s our design principle. Future-proof your organization without ever getting locked in. FAST: Bigger shouldn’t mean slower. Make data-driven decisions by getting results you need when you need them. ENTERPRISE-GRADE: Hadoop is complex. Its solutions shouldn’t be. Bring security, scalability and full SQL support to your Hadoop data. Interested in learning more?  Click here or contact us today.
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