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Solving the Challenge of Customer-Facing Analytics

Format: PDF. Free Online.     If your customers aren’t already using a portal to get the information they need, they are phoning one of your employees to get it – and that is costing you. Worse, if your customer is not getting the information he needs about his dealings with you, he may well make an uninformed decision and go to your competitor. We live in an age where the expectation for instant information is becoming more apparent. The rise of mobile devices is most certainly driving that expectation. We can instantly access our bank accounts, news, share prices, the weather, or online shopping sites – the list is endless. We want information on demand, at any time, wherever we are. These factors are influencing a growing demand for customer-facing analytics. Put simply, your customers now expect to connect with your business in a way that allows them to see and understand how they are dealing with you. This whitepaper highlights important points to consider when looking to deliver a customer-facing analytical solution. Please complete the form below to get your FREE whitepaper!