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Data Transformed FAQ

What is Hadoop? Apache™ Hadoop® is an open source software project that enables distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers. It is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, with very high degree of fault tolerance. Rather than relying on high-end hardware, the resiliency of these clusters comes from the software's ability to detect and handle failures at the application layer. Why use Hadoop? Data volumes and sources are exploding, much of it unstructured.  Organisations need a way to take that all that (structured and unstructured) data, profile it and increase its business value by moving from historical analysis to predictive capture  Hadoop is a component of next-generation data architecture, providing a massively scalable distributed storage and processing platform. Hadoop enables organisations to build new data-driven decision making capabiltiies. What is Corporate Performance Management (CPM)? According to Gartner Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is “an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise. Applications that enable CPM translate strategically focused information to operational plans and send aggregated results”. Where can I find Dashboard Best Practice Information? Thinking of deploying Business Intelligence (BI)? So are your competitors. Gartner’s 2015 global CIO survey showed that BI and analytics remain the No. 1 technology investment priority for CIOs – for the fourth consecutive year. And the most important, fundamental, tool for delivering your BI information to your users? Dashboards. To learn more about creating effective dashboards click here.
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