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KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME is the leading open platform for data-driven innovation helping organizations to stay ahead of change. Use our open-source, enterprise-grade analytics platform to discover the potential hidden in your data, mine for fresh insights or predict new futures.

KNIME Analytics Platform - A Quick Summary

It’s yours: Get the most out of our powerful analytics platform by customizing your tool kit with a broad range of free or commercial applications. Or create and share your own. It’s easy! Shortcut your learning curve: KNIME helps build on what you’ve already developed and learned, without having to start from scratch. More thinking, less tinkering: Its code-free setup and intuitive interface mean you get to spend more quality time with your data. Low cost, zero risk: Set up a collaborative platform for joint development, analytics and effortless sharing of knowledge, tools and insights – with minimal investment. Deploy & enjoy: Save yourself costs and late nights by deploying and scaling KNIME’s capabilities on top of, alongside, or within your existing systems.

KNIME Analytics Platform - A Few More Details

KNIME, pronounced [naim], is a modern data analytics platform that allows you to perform sophisticated statistics and data mining on your data to analyze trends and predict potential results. Its visual workbench combines data access, data transformation, initial investigation, powerful predictive analytics and visualization. KNIME also provides the ability to develop reports based on your information or automate the application of new insight back into production systems. KNIME Analytics Platform is open source and available under GPL license. It can be extended with KNIME Commercial Software to include professional support, productivity and collaboration functionality, providing the best of both worlds. Take a look at the open source KNIME Analytics Platform, or better yet simply download it and use it for free! Please have a look at the KNIME Analytics Platform product sheet for details. The KNIME Analytics Platform incorporates hundreds of processing nodes for data I/O, preprocessing and cleansing, modeling, analysis and data mining as well as various interactive views, such as scatter plots, parallel coordinates and others. It integrates all of the analysis modules of the well known Weka data mining environment and additional plugins allow R-scripts to be run, offering access to a vast library of statistical routines. KNIME is based on the Eclipse platform and, through its modular API, easily extensible. When desired, custom nodes and types can be implemented in KNIME within hours thus extending KNIME to comprehend and provide first-tier support for highly domain-specific data. This modularity and extensibility enables KNIME to be employed in commercial production environments as well as teaching and research prototyping settings. KNIME is released under a dual licensing scheme. The open source license (GPL) allows KNIME to be downloaded, distributed, and used freely. See license arrangements for complete details.
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