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Meet the Management Team

Dan has over 15 years of experience in the BI Industry, 5 years of Financial Management experience and 5 years of Audit & Fraud Investigation experience.  During his 15 years of BI experience he has been directly employed by the largest previously independent BI company in the world and aided that company's successful business growth in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.  The majority of his financial management experience comes from being the Financial Controller of the second largest hydro-electric power producing utility in North America.  He directly managed 2 hydro projects with O&M budgets of $50 million and CapEx budgets of $750 million.  Finally, his outstanding performance in the ANZ region earned him one of the top rated consultants in the industry and is well recognized in those circles as an expert. Tatiana has a master's degree in science and technology and a second master's degree in education.  She received these credentials in Brazil where she taught at universities and for company training programs.  Not only did she develop training and educational programs but also performed the technical training. Grant has had a long life in the IT industry, playing many and varied roles.  He has managed extremely successful sales teams and been ahead of the eight-ball on several waves of emerging technologies.  Currently, Grant is the CIO of Opera Australia. Srini holds Master in Computer Science, Agile Project Management qualifications. He has been apt in building and mentoring project teams across multiple technologies and has international experience in US, Australia and India. He has excellent communication skills and excels in managing stakeholders expectations by providing accurate and complete status reports. He has managed changes both technical and organisational in large commercial organisations.
Tatiana F Cox Company Secretary
Grant Cresswell Executive Director
Srini Ponugupaty Services Director
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