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Maxiplan - Budgeting and Planning Solutions

A Web Enabled, Integrated Solution for Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and complete Financial Performance Management Today’s dynamic economic and competitive business environment requires more flexibility and control over the budgeting and planning process in order to remain successful. Maxiplan empowers finance departments with a fully integrated budgeting, forecasting and planning solution. It offers an ideal alternative for companies struggling with spreadsheet based processes – without the cost or complexity of traditional enterprise solutions. Maxiplan provides a fast and effective way to create complex business models, enter data into pre- defined templates, automatically import data from a multitude of existing systems; then review, submit, consolidate and report the organization’s budgets, plans and forecasts through the corporate intranet. With Maxiplan, organizations can: • Significantly reduce budget and forecasting cycle times. • Utilise driver based planning to enhance budget integrity. • Improve accuracy with automated data inputs. • Provide greater visibility to management. • React quickly to changing market conditions. • Monitor results to identify variances. • Quickly re-forecast on a ‘bottom up’ as well as ‘top down’ basis. Maxiplan Budgets & Forecasts is an easy to use integrated solution. Built in workflow, security and versioning provides better control and enables managers to review budget contributions before submitting consolidated plans further up the organizational structure. Data input facilities are optimized for budgeting, and data that has been entered or consolidated can be reviewed using powerful multidimensional ’slice’ and ‘dice’ capabilities. Data is kept in the original currency entered and appropriate currency conversion is automatically applied by the system, ensuring consistent results and the ability to easily see the effect of currency movements. Budgets & Forecast revisions are instantly consolidated and results can be reviewed by any user with the appropriate access – anywhere at any time. Multiple currencies, different business models, various accounting systems and ever changing regulatory and other company requirements can all be supported. With Maxiplan’s cost-effective solution, organisations can move beyond the chaos and complexity of spreadsheet-based processes to more effectively plan and track financial performance. Every user can collaborate and share data dynamically right throughout the financial planning process. Maxiplan has been designed from the ground up to manage and solve all the problems associated with budgeting and planning for multiple users. If you currently run Cognos Planning, you will love Maxiplan, and it provides a much more viable alternative to a TM1 rebuild (see below). With a simple login and password, users intuitively retrieve reports, input forecasts and analyse performance on demand - at any time, anywhere, from any computer or tablet device. Call us to find out how an integrated budgeting system can unburden and expedite an already stressful time of year! 
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