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Principles in Action

Agility, Flexibility and Innovation are the Keys to Widely Adopted Solutions Data Transformed has fully adopted the Agile approach to project management.  It has been proven time and again that CPM project managed under Agile versus traditional Waterfall success 3 out of 4 times more often. We also have experienced over all our implemented projects that agile project far out exceed the estimated ROI on a project time and again.  It also delivers results on a more rapid basis, with lessrework and near 100% acceptance. The speed of change and adoption in today’s world will not wait around of months on end for information. This is why flexibility is a key and goes hand-in-hand with agility.  Flexibility means that new, ad-hoc and time-appropriate information and presentation can be delivered in a time frame that meets today’s demands.  To grow; both from a size and maturity aspect, we must re-assess, re-evaluate and re-focus our ideas, goals and directions.  Innovation is the key to achieving, by asking those age old questions. Dedication to the Corporate Strategy Through Constant Progression and Reassessment A direction is necessary and critical on every road in life, no more so than in the direction of a business. Data Transformed’s corporate strategy is singular in its purpose and it revolves our clients and our  clients’ success. Relationships Must Be Founded In Integrity, Openness and Respect If there had to be a singular word that Data Transformed strived to embody, it would be integrity.  Integrity certainly doesn’t make money, but it’s how we want to work with our clients, our staff and how we want to treat our friends and associates.  You can expect Data Transformed to always put forth the right information even if it is detrimental to ourselves. Throughout engagements, no matter how small or big, transparency and simplicity are at the heart of every transaction, conversation or response.  Openness is not a fantasy at Data Transformed, but a reality. The final element of founding our relationships is honour, which actually is summarised into two key words: Respect and Trust. Trust needs to be earned; and from the very first encounter our Word is our reputation. If Data Transformed commits to an action, you can rest assured that it will be accomplished. Respect is best summed up by this quote: “I speak to everyone in the same way,   whether he is the garbage man or   the president of the university.” Albert Einstein
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